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The minimum wage refers to the minimum subsistence level, which is currently 470 euros in Estonia, and a high percentage of our residents earn just as much on a monthly basis. On average, one in five Estonians receives a minimum wage and there are also those who have and have agreed to a lower income.

The issue of minimum wages is also more common for people whose accounts have been seized by bailiffs, since by law, bailiffs do not have the right to withhold a minimum income but only what remains above that amount. It is only when a person has made a corresponding statement, if it has not been done, that the bailiff may detain the entire salary. That is why it is important to contact the bailiff and, if possible, he will also provide you with a schedule of contributions.

Minimum subsistence level or subsistence level

Minimum subsistence level or subsistence level

The subsistence minimum and subsistence limit are two completely different things, if the subsistence minimum or minimum wage is 470 euros, then the subsistence level in Estonia is only 130 euros per person in the household.

The subsistence level is calculated by summing up the income of all the persons holding the family, then the number obtained is divided by the number of dependents. According to this calculation, it is determined who is entitled to subsistence benefit. You can read more about subsistence and related issues in Estonia, ee portal.

The second term, which is constantly confused, is the subsistence level. The subsistence level is the amount that would be needed for daily living during the month. In 2017, it will be 130 euros and the same limit will be used to provide subsistence benefit.

Is borrowing a minimum wage possible?

Is borrowing a minimum wage possible?

If you receive a minimum wage, it is extremely important that you do not create additional obligations, because such income is in itself very small, now imagine the situation if you still have to pay the loan for this amount.

However, sometimes there are situations when borrowing is the only way to solve some vital problem. For example, it is not uncommon for a car to break, but it is needed to go to work or to break the fridge at home, without which it is impossible to keep food. Taking a loan for the necessary operations is justified if you take your net salary and expenses seriously. If you think you can still pay a small loan installment on a monthly basis, or if the amount borrowed is small, you may want to consider it. An alternative to borrowing is a down payment that is usually lower than the loan installments.

When taking a loan, it is important to have a sense of duty and to acknowledge the truth about your income and expenses with your seriousness. However, if you feel that taking a loan is absolutely necessary, do enough preliminary work to get the most favorable loan you can pay back later. If you do not, your financial situation may deteriorate as a result of a high-cost loan and may result in a payment disruption.

If your only income is a minimum wage and you have an urgent need to borrow, you don’t have to repent, there are some opportunities and institutions that can help you. Some examples of such lending companies are outlined below.


  • You can apply for a loan from Coop stores all over Estonia.
  • To get a loan, your net salary must be over 240 euros.
  • Small loan interest rates start at 15% and the loan is given in the amount of 300 – 7500 euros.

BF Bank

  • BF Bank offers a long-term loan that can be repaid for 12 months to 7 years.
  • The loan can be taken from a few hundred euros to 10000 euros .
  • A loan is a dedicated or loan to buy a particular thing or to cover costs.
  • Interest on such a small loan starts at 12.9%.


  • Outbank provides unsecured small loans with amounts ranging from 300 euros to up to 10,000 euros .
  • After completing your loan application, you will receive an extremely fast response.
  • You can also open a deposit if you wish.


In addition to your income, it is important for you to take out a loan on a monthly basis. If you already have a loan, be it a quick loan , a consumer loan , or a number of installments, making a new loan can be difficult. According to the rules, at least 40% of his net salary must be attained in order to obtain a loan.

Before you can borrow a minimum wage, do some research, so you’ll find the cheapest way for you, and you can save hundreds of euros on loan management fees, contract fees, and so on. Be sure to review your monthly earnings and outlays as well, as they directly affect your credit decision.

Clever borrowing requires knowledge, many of the topics that are closely related to borrowing, and we have provided a comprehensive overview of our website and are worth a visit.