Being a student can be expensive. Here are simple and proven strategies that can help students reduce their debt and succeed financially.

Avoid big loans

Student loans are the biggest financial barrier for many students. If not often avoided, there are tips to keep them as low as possible.

Payment of interest

Paying interest while studying is an easy step to managing and allows students to resolve some of their loans before graduating to avoid paying interest later.

Avoid unnecessary loans

Another financial advice for students is not to make unnecessary loans.

Housing, books, and food can easily be added to student loans, but paying as much as possible from your pocket can help avoid student loans and interest payments.

Enjoy the freebies

When private tuition at a private university costs more than a new car, it is hard to believe that some things can be free of charge. However, many benefits are offered on campus. Students should explore these freebies and make the most of them.

Donuts or free meals are smaller for paying a pocket, and free events such as movies and concerts reduce the cost of entertainment.

Access to student halls is often included in tuition, and many companies like travel agencies, insurance companies, cinemas and restaurants offer discounts to students.

I always think about whether a student discount is a great way to save money and avoid spending more than you need.

Smart rental

Depending on the university, it is sometimes cheaper to live on campus. However, it is important that you do not allow unforeseen costs to ruin your savings.

Students should note that communal services such as electricity, water and cable are often included in the cost of student residences. When you are looking for campsites outside campus, you should consider or look for features that include costs.


Having a sticker is another great way to save money

save money

Large apartments, such as four or five bedrooms, divide the rent between a few people, reducing the cost of each student.


It is important to take into account the distance from the campus.

Students should ideally seek accommodation within walking distance or biking, or close to public transport or university transportation because they have a car can be very expensive.

Work in exchange for lower rent

Work in exchange for lower rent

Finally, real estate that requires some small business like painting, gardening or simple repairs can be a great opportunity to get free or reduced rent in exchange for achieving these jobs. Everything has to be arranged before moving and formalizing on paper.

High school and university tuition and related costs vary by school, but everyone can use this useful financial advice to help students reduce their debt as low as possible.