The Sendom brand is part of the Holley Finance. It is true that its history began relatively recently, because it appeared on the market in 2013, but it has already made a lot of positive confusion. Particularly noteworthy is the availability of a free reminder for a maximum amount of PLN 1,000, simultaneously with a repayment period of 30 days. for a critique

It is worth knowing that the company provides loans not only through Sendom but also through extraportfel.

Business Sendom
Free loan limit 1000 PLN
Loan period 30 days
The possibility of extension YES
The cost of extension for 30 days PLN 288
Registration fee 1 penny
Time of loan 15 minutes
Rating 6/10
Place in the ranking 10

How do I get a free payday at Sendom?

We already know that Sendom offers us a maximum of PLN 1,000 with repayment within 30 days. The promotion is directed exclusively to new customers. So if someone has already used the site before, he can only borrow money under normal conditions.

In addition, Sendom will check our credit history thoroughly. Therefore, people who have some unpaid debts and their data have been described in the Credit Information Bureau, the National Register of Debtors, or the ERIF database, must reckon with refusal. An additional security for the company is the submission of a statement on earnings. To this end, the company’s employees contact the borrower’s employer by phone.

Extending the repayment date

At Sendom, as well as in many other non-bank institutions, you can extend your payday without problems. Of course, this is done for a specific fee. If we decide to extend the repayment deadline for another month for a reminder of PLN 1000, then we have to take into account additional fees amounting to almost 33% of the whole loan.

Term of extension of the payment and payment:

– 10 days – 176 PLN

– 20 days – PLN 224

– 30 days – PLN 288

No repayment of the loan on time

Latecomers who have not issued any letters about the extension of the repayment date will have to bear some consequences. These include sending notifications in the form of text messages, e-mails, or registered mail. Of course, you must pay the appropriate fees for the prompts. The next costs related to the lack of payment on time will be penalty interest, calculated at the rate of 10 per cent per annum. Further steps are making the negative opinion available in databases.

Payment of a payment in installments

It is possible to pay the installment in installments in Sendom. This is really a very good move. Namely, instead of worrying about penal interest and additional fees, it will be better to request the division of all receivables into smaller amounts.

In order to submit an application to use such an option, a fee of PLN 40 must be paid. Repayment in installments is also conditional upon submitting the application in a timely manner. It may do so no sooner than 40 days after the end of the relevant deadline, but also not later than 52 days from the date set for the first time.