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Mortgages loan

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A mutual agreement is defined between two parties. In the agreement one party lends money to the other and the latter undertakes to repay it. The first part is defined by the lender law, and must be a legal person qualified to lend money. The second part is called a borrower: it can be either a natural person or a…

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Taking a Loan with a Minimum Wage

  The minimum wage refers to the minimum subsistence level, which is currently 470 euros in Estonia, and a high percentage of our residents earn just as much on a monthly basis. On average, one in five Estonians receives a minimum wage and there are also those who have and have agreed to a lower income. The issue of minimum…

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A Quick Payday for PLN 0 Where to Borrow?

The Sendom brand is part of the Holley Finance. It is true that its history began relatively recently, because it appeared on the market in 2013, but it has already made a lot of positive confusion. Particularly noteworthy is the availability of a free reminder for a maximum amount of PLN 1,000, simultaneously with a repayment period of 30 days.…

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